The Bountiful Sea: Exploring the Best Seafood of Crystal Coast Tourism

The Bountiful Sea: Exploring the Best Seafood of Crystal Coast Tourism

The Bountiful Sea: Exploring the Best Seafood of Crystal Coast Tourism

The Crystal Coast is an exquisite destination for seafood lovers. Stretching from Cape Lookout to Emerald Isle, the coast is home to some of the best seafood restaurants in the country. With so many options, it can be challenging to decide where to start. Here are some of the top seafood options you can explore on the Crystal Coast:

Fresh Catch

One of the best things about the Crystal Coast is the abundance of fresh fish and seafood. You can find some of the freshest seafood around at local stands and fishermen’s markets. You can find everything from shrimp and crab to clams and oysters. Some local favorites include the fish market in Calabash, which is known for its fresh catches of the day, and the watermen’s market in Beaufort, which is a great place to buy clams and oysters.

Oceanfront Dining

Looking for a more upscale dining experience? There are plenty of oceanfront restaurants on the Crystal Coast that offer mouth-watering seafood dishes. Some of these restaurants offer local catches, which means that the fish you’re eating was caught just hours before it was cooked. Two of the most popular seafood restaurants in the area are The Sanitary Fish Market and Restaurant in Morehead City and The Channel Marker in Atlantic Beach.

Casual Seafood Joints

If you’re looking for a more laid-back atmosphere, the Crystal Coast has several casual seafood joints that offer a wide variety of dishes. These restaurants offer everything from fried seafood baskets to classic seafood dishes like clam chowder and shrimp and grits. Some of the most popular casual seafood spots include RuckerJohn’s in Emerald Isle and The Crab Shack in Salter Path.

Seafood Festivals

Finally, if you’re visiting the Crystal Coast in the fall, you won’t want to miss the annual Seafood Festival in Morehead City. This three-day event showcases the best seafood that the area has to offer. There are over 30 different seafood vendors, live music, and even a boat show. It’s the perfect way to taste some of the local seafood while enjoying the area’s unique maritime culture.

Overall, the Crystal Coast is a seafood-lover's dream. From fresh catches to oceanfront dining and casual seafood joints, there's something for everyone on this coast. If you're visiting, be sure to try some of the local seafood – you won't be disappointed!

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